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Divvy bikes are free on Saturday

Get pedaling!


Divvy is offering free rides on Saturday, July 21 for everyone. All you need to do is enter the code NOOSA18 when you check out a bike at the kiosk or in the app.

The weather forecast for Saturday doesn’t look great: There’s rain coming in Friday and it doesn’t look like it’ll let up until Sunday afternoon. But should a 50 percent chance of showers stop you from taking advantage of a free Divvy? Peddle on down to the park or along the lakefront (at least it’ll be cool).

If you’re already a Divvy member, get a friend to ride with you. Try an easy, car-free route by following this map.

Last month, Divvy celebrated it’s fifth year in Chicago and announced new pricing for the Divvy for Everyone program. Residents living in public housing or those that use SNAP, WIC, or LIHEAP are eligible for the discounted membership. Beginning July 9, it costs just $5 for an annual membership. Every year the cost will increase, first to $25 then $50 and maxing out at $75.

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