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Yayoi Kusama Infinity Room, wndr museum tickets on sale

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The West Loop art and science museum pop-up opens in August

Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Room “Let’s Survive Forever”
Courtesy of wndr museum

Those hoping to explore, and inevitably Instagram, one of Yayoi Kusama’s famous Infinity Rooms can now get tickets to wndr museum—an art and science pop-up in the West Loop with other experiences like a floating playground and edible clouds.

Kusama is an Instagram hit, more than half a million have hashtagged the artist in Instagram posts and many wait hours in line just to step into one of the mirrored rooms for less than a minute. It’ll be the first time the 89-year-old Japanese artist’s stainless steel spheres and mirror installation titled, “Let’s Survive Forever,” will be in Chicago.

The wndr museum will occupy a three-story, former office building at 1130 W. Monroe Street in the West Loop. On August 17, visitors will be able to take a 45-minute tour through 20 “experiences” set up throughout the space. Tickets cost $32 and are purchased for specific time slots. There’s no closing date for the museum, but while it’s here it’ll be open from noon to 8 p.m. and closed on Tuesdays.

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More than 20 artists and creators collaborated on the project which will feature 10 other “rooms” commissioned specifically for the museum. The first half of the tour will explore microscopic elements of our world, like sub-atomic particles, and then shift into larger invisible forces such as gravity and end with Yayoi Kusama’s interpretation of infinity.

Some of the rooms commissioned for the pop-up include a “zero-gravity ball pit,” with a “floating playground of colorful spheres,” and a kinetic sculpture that represents the expanding and ever-changing universe.

Toronto-based Future Food Studio has created a Willy Wonka-esque “edible cloud prototype,” for the museum too. Guests can try two flavors from a menu that features everything from bubble gum to Chicago-style hot dogs.

Brad Keywell, a co-founder and co-chairman for Chicago Ideas, and Dr. Irwin Adam Eydelnant, a scientist and founder of Future Food Studio, lead the wndr museum collaboration.