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New Amazon Go store locations at Willis Tower, Ogilvie

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No opening dates are set for cashierless stores

The first Amazon Go store opened in Seattle

Get ready—Amazon Go cashierless stores are coming to two locations in downtown Chicago. The online retailer has leased space in Willis Tower and an office tower at 500 W. Madison Street next to Ogilvie Transportation Center, according to Chicago Tribune sources.

In mid-May, the company announced Amazon Go stores would be opening in Chicago and San Francisco. The stores have no checkout lines and customers pay by scanning an app that charges them when they leave. A system of cameras and sensors track what shoppers grab.

The first-ever cashierless store opened in Seattle back in January. The 1,800-square-foot store is stocked with ready-to-go lunch items, drinks, snacks and even alcohol (an Amazon employee checks IDs).

Amazon is also considering locations in San Francisco and plans to open at least six new Amazon Go stores this year.