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Fairytale-inspired mansion up for auction in St. Charles

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A 100-acre nature preserve is the home’s backyard

Courtesy of Elite Auctions

Just over an hour away from the city, this castle-like home set next to a 100-acre nature preserve will go up for auction without reserve on June 16 in west suburban St. Charles.

The estate, located at 37W545 Highpoint Court, comes with five bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, five fireplaces, an attached guest house, a large pool, athletic courts plus a three and a half car garage.

The ornate home is a blend between Italian villa and a fairytale dream. The kitchen features detailed trim, a scenic painted backsplash, and decorative bricks for a faux rustic feel. The master bathroom boasts cathedral ceilings and grand columns too. Up the elaborate staircase you’ll find a bedroom designed for a princess—pink walls, a Rupunzel-esque alcove with staggered windows and a chandelier.

The 11,000-square-foot home is valued at $4 million, according to Elite Auctions. In 2005, it sold for $269,000. After some significant changes, the building is now listed on several real estate sites as an auction property seeking $3.8 million, which is extremely high compared to the area’s median sale price of $550,000.

Although the estimated value of the home might be eye-popping, there’s no telling what the property will end up going for at auction since no minimum price is set.