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Twitter isn’t loving the new Union Station design

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The vertical expansion of the historic 1925 headhouse has not been well received

Solomon Cordwell Buenz

A developer’s plan to build a seven-story contemporary apartment addition above Chicago’s landmarked Union Station has a lot of people crying foul.

In addition to being criticized by journalists like Blair Kamin of the Chicago Tribune, Elizabeth Blasius of the Architect’s Newpaper, and designer Edward Keegan in a Crain’s op-ed column, the proposal is getting roasted on social media—as noted by Block Club Chicago.

Twitter users were quick to hurl insults regarding the Solomon Cordwell Buenz design, drawing comparisons to a bad hat, a toaster oven, a self-inking address stamp, the unloved former Apparel Center, and the 2003’s contentious “flying saucer” addition to Chicago’s Neoclassical Soldier Field.

Others created photoshops showing the 1925 Beaux Arts station as a pedestal for other controversial Chicago projects like Santiago Calatrava’s failed Spire and Helmut Jahn’s polarizing Thompson Center.

Looking beyond the initial knee jerk reactions and pithy comments, the Union Station overhaul will be a key battle for preservationists with the potential to set future precedents with regards to what can be done to Chicago’s protected, historically significant buildings.

The decision to move ahead ultimately lies with the city, so if you’re truly horrified give Alderman Brendan Reilly and the Chicago Landmarks Commission a call.

Union Station

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