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Find a peaceful city bike ride with this map

The Mellow Chicago Bike Map skips car heavy streets


If you haven’t taken advantage of Chicago’s nearly 300 miles of bike lanes—we get it. The heavy traffic and car-congested streets can be a major deterrent. However, the newly updated Mellow Chicago Bike Map is here to de-stress your route.

A smaller version of the map was published last year, and Streetsblog Chicago editor John Greenfield has worked to expand the map across the city. The map, published by the Chicago Reader, consists of various north-south and east-west routes. While it might not make for the quickest ride, it offers a more peaceful and safe option especially if you’re just beginning.

Greenfield was inspired by others who shared their favorite secret routes on The Chainlink social networking site, according to the Chicago Reader. To develop the map he consulted the city’s bike map, Google Maps, local cyclists and used his three decades of cycling experience.

In the coming months, Greenfield will work on adding more to the map. Don’t see your favorite stealthy ride? Send him a tweet.