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Cubs player Yu Darvish buys $4.55M Evanston home

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He’s asking the city to let him install a fence around the property

Photo via @properties

Star pitcher for the Cubs, Yu Darvish, dropped $4.55 million on a six-bedroom mansion in Evanston in May, according to news reported by the Chicago Tribune on Tuesday.

The 3-story, 5,400-square-foot home comes with five bedrooms, four bathrooms, high ceilings, 150-feet of lakefront, and a large backyard deck with a surrounding garden. It’s one of the only houses with a private dock plus a boat and jet ski lift. Located at the end of a cul-de-sac, the Georgian-style home is surrounded by several trees and manicured hedges.

However, Darvish is hoping to get a bit more privacy during his stay in the northern suburb. He’s asked the city of Evanston for permission to build a 6-foot fence along the front yard and the adjoining vacant lot. The city’s code prohibits fences in the front yard, but will consider the baseball player’s request at a city meeting on Tuesday night.

Darvish is the centerpiece in one of the best starting lineups this season. However, a tricep injury has resulted in a disappointing start to the pitcher’s six-year, $126 million contract. Although, after three weeks it looks like he might be ready to be back on the field for Tuesday’s game in Milwaukee, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

After signing star pitcher Yu Darvish this year, the Cubs arguably have the best starting rotation in the league. Darvish also negotiated one of the biggest deals in free agency this winter: $126 million over six years.