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Wicker Park’s Double Door sells for $9 million

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A new developer considers new retail plans for the property

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The Double Door property in Wicker Park sold for $9.1 million to a Chicago-based developer, the longtime building owner, Brian Strauss, confirmed to Block Club Chicago.

CA Ventures now owns the 17,000 square-foot, 4-story building. While it hasn’t said what’s in store for the former music venue, the firm plans to own and operate the building which consists of 11 apartments and retail on the ground floor, according to statement from Jack Duncan, director of CA Urban Living.

The property was marketed on a commercial real estate website, Loop Net. However, after Block Club published the news on Monday, the listing was removed on Tuesday morning.

Double Door co-owners, Sean Mulroney and Joe Shanahan, were evicted in February 2017 after fighting a contentious battle to stay at 1572 N. Milwaukee Avenue. The ground-floor has been empty since then, but tenants in the apartments above have remained.

In October 2017, the city approved the downzoning of the building initiated by Alderman Joe Moreno, which restricts what kind of tenants can occupy the building. Strauss argued that the zoning would limit the potential value of the site. He then filed a federal lawsuit in July 2017 seeking more than $9 million in damages and named Moreno along with city employees in the complaint.

Moreno and Double Door have hinted at a return of the iconic establishment. Although, plans for when and where are still undecided.

The Damen, North and Milwaukee intersection has seen a few other changes such as the revamped, and much safer, pedestrian space and bike lanes. Another veteran establishment also located at the six corners intersection, Wicker Park Tavern, closed last year making way for a Capital One Cafe. The workspace and coffee shop is expected to open this year and would be the third location in Chicago.