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Mixed-use replacement for Edgewater’s demolished Woodruff Arcade cleared to rise

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The seven-story project was awarded its first construction permit

Hirsch MPG/Efficiency Lab for Architecture

Wasting little time, the developers who knocked down Edgewater’s Woodruff Arcade at the southeast corner of Sheridan and Broadway are ready to begin work on its mixed-use replacement.

The seven-story project known as ‘The Arcade’ was issued its first construction permit on Thursday. Despite its name, the new building from developers Borekci Real Estate and Algonquin Ventures Real Estate will have little in common with the historic structure that stood at the site for 95 years.

The new transit-oriented building will feature 58 dwelling units above a retail space, shown in renderings as leased to Bank of America. A ground-floor parking garage for 29 cars will be accessed off the rear alleyway, according to the permit.

The Arcade’s design comes from Chicago-based Hirsch MPG and features a serrated stone facade credited to EL (Efficiency Lab for Architecture) in New York.

The site is will see construction staging and deliveries continue into early next week, based on a recent email update from the office of local Alderman Harry Osterman. Work will pause May 9 through 14 for Loyola University’s graduation week.

Other construction projects in the immediate area include the Concord on Sheridan mixed-income housing and Target store at 6418 N. Sheridan Road as well as a newly-permitted three-story athletic complex on Loyola’s campus.