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Classic Prairie School design meets modern convenience in this sprawling Northfield home

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The 5,600-square-foot suburban mansion has the Wright stuff

Photos by VHT Studios

Featuring a level of craftsmanship rarely seen in newer constructions, this large four-bedroom Prairie School revival in suburban Northfield, Illinois, comes with much of the charm but none of the drawbacks of owning an older home.

Built in 2000, the highly-detailed property was designed by the late Jalal Mizani from Hinsdale-based Mizani & Associates. The look and layout draws heavily from the early 20th century Prairie School style pioneered by notable architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, Marion Mahony Griffin, and Greene & Greene.

“The home isn’t modeled on any particular Prairie School building,” explained homeowner and @properties listing agent George Iacono. “We wanted to embody the movement’s organic style and feel in our design while incorporating modern conveniences and flow.”

Nearly every room sports custom woodwork, ornamentation, and art glass accents typical of the classic Midwestern style. These rustic details are accompanied by more contemporary touches such as a dramatic two-story family room, spacious chef’s kitchen, and a recessed stained glass lighting system.

Set on a one-acre lot lined with mature trees, the property is wrapped in a pristine Prairie facade that looks far more at home in 1918 than 2018. Native landscaping and Wright-esque concrete planters compliment the exterior aesthetic.

Unsurprisingly, such a large 5,600-square-foot house with this level of old-school craftsmanship isn’t exactly priced like a starter home. The property is listed at $2,195,000—more than four times the ask of Iacono’s Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, lake home featured by Curbed in 2017.