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New ice rink, more programs coming to Irving Park sports center

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Figure skating classes and 3-on-3 leagues are planned for McFetridge Sports Center

Chicago Mayor’s Office

Chicago will soon get a new ice rink and more educational programming at the McFetridge Sports Center in Irving Park. The expansion is part of 312 RiverRun, a recreational project aiming to transform the North Branch riverfront.

The rink, spanning 100 by 85 feet, will be the second for the sports center. It’ll be built on the south edge of the facility where the parking lot currently sits.

Although slightly smaller than the existing 200 feet by 85 feet rink, the addition is needed. The year-round facility has had a 25 percent increase in registration for ice skating and hockey programming and most classes run at full capacity all week long.

Once construction is finished in September, McFetridge will offer more figure skating classes, goalie lessons and organize 3-on-3 league games.

“The new rink at McFetridge Sports Center will provide residents with expanded world-class amenities, and encourage participation in hockey and other sports across many seasons,” said Chicago Park District Superintendent and CEO Michael P. Kelly in a statement. “This investment will enrich the lives of community members who use the park resources, and will have a valuable impact on our future generations.”

The 312 RiverRun project also includes one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the city which will connect three riverfront parks with a 2-mile path. The project will touch nearly 95 acres and support neighborhood parks and various recreational activities. The winding bridge, meant to connect neighborhoods like the 606 Trail, is designed by Epstein Global and is expected to be completed in late 2018.