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Gold Coast mansion with ornate wood interior knocks another $300K off asking price

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The 19th century brownstone has languished in the market for years

Photos by VHT, courtesy of Compass

Built in 1886 for Chicago beer baron George A. Weiss, this brownstone mansion on State Parkway is back with a new, lower price as it enters its fourth year on the market.

The slow-to-sell Gold Coast property displays a level a craftsmanship rarely seen since the Guilded Age. Standout original touches include an ornate stone and copper exterior by architect Harald M. Hansen and incredibly detailed carved millwork throughout the main floor and master suite.

The 7,000-square-foot, six-bedroom home also features a large updated chefs kitchen, an leafy green rear patio, and a rooftop deck with attached orchid greenhouse.

The historic home hit the market in 2014 seeking a whopping $5.8 million and has seen its price reduced no less than seven times since. It returns this week with a $305K cut and can now be had for $3.195 million.

Will 2018 be the year Chicago’s old Weiss House finally finds a buyer?