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Which Chicago park should get a $20,000 grant?

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Vote on three projects for NRPA’s Meet Me at the Park campaign

Riders on terrain trails in Big Marsh Park
Steven Vance / Flickr

A $20,000 grant could go to one of Chicago’s parks to fund programming expansions, infrastructure improvements or trail additions. All residents have to do is vote for one of the three projects during the month of April.

The three park projects in the running will aim to help South Side parks—the only North Side park that could benefit is Lincoln Park.

The first would expand the archery program offered by Junior Olympic Archery to the North and South sides. The park district would add the activity to the Lincoln Park Cultural Center, Kennicott Park, Harrison Park and Calumet Park.

Another project aims to improve hiking and biking trails for the Big Marsh Park in the South Deering neighborhood on the Far South Side. The 278-acre park would get more multi-use trails and additional nature trails too.

The final project would expand the natural areas in McKinley Park, located in the neighborhood of the same name on the city’s South Side. The grant would help fund trail development and improve access for all park visitors.

The voting started April 1st (you can do so once a day) and it runs throughout the month. Whichever project ends up with the most votes will receive the grant.

The campaign is a collaboration between Walt Disney Company and the National Recreation and Park Association which is offering the grant to 16 cities. If you happen to live in an area that isn’t designated, there’s an option to nominate a town too.

The Meet Me at the Park Earth Month campaign began in 2014 with the goal of helping improve local parks and projects that get kids out in nature.