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Spacious Lakeview time capsule lists for the first time in more than six decades

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From its leopard print carpets to its rich wood paneling, the high-rise home is ripe for renovation

Photos by VHT Studios courtesy of @properties

A one-of-kind, single-owner condo overlooking Lake Michigan hit the market for the very first time earlier this week. Featuring four bedrooms, three and half-bathrooms, and two kitchens, the two-level residence is like stepping back in time to the 1970s.

“When you walk through the space, you can almost picture it in its heyday,” Amanda McMillan, the home’s @properties listing agent, tells Curbed Chicago. “Back then the home would have been the absolute crème de la crème.”

The property’s longtime owners purchased a unit on 320 W. Oakdale Avenue’s 19th floor shortly after architect-developer Milton M. Schwartz completed the notable International Style building in 1956.

As their family started to grow, the couple decided to stay put and purchase the space directly above and combined the two units into one. Like the newly listed Stainless Steel Apartment at 860 N. Lake Shore Drive, the unit stands alone as the building’s only duplex.

In addition to its far-out decor, seemingly acres of leopard print carpeting, and dated kitchens, the condo sports a remarkable amount of custom woodwork in the foyer, dining room, and study.

“The owner tells me that her husband was a physician by trade,” said McMillan. “Some of his clients were craftspeople and carpenters and they would work on the home in exchange for his medical services.”

While some of these unique features could be incorporated into whatever renovation its buyers likely have planned, others could find new homes elsewhere. According to McMillan, other residents in the building have shown interest in purchasing some of its more desirable pieces, including the designer fixtures from the master bath.

There’s also keen interest in the home’s vintage pool table. “The owner is happy to include the table if a buyer wants its,” added the listing agent. “If not, Brunswick has reached out saying they will buy it back for their own historic collection.”

Despite the property’s need for upgrades, McMillan believes the property still represents incredible value at its current $699,900 asking price. “I don’t think you can beat the location, the views, and the sheer amount of space for this price—even after factoring in a major rehab.”