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Wrigleyville’s new 21-room hotel channels neighborhood vibe

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The Wheelhouse is a 3 minute walk from Wrigley Field

The Wheelhouse

If you’ve ever lived in Wrigleyville you know what the neighborhood can be like—loud, lively, intoxicated. And when the Cubs fans have shuffled out, it’s a close-knit and, at moments, quiet community.

The Wheelhouse, a 21-room boutique hotel in Wrigleyville, plans on creating that authentic neighborhood experience for its guests. That won’t be hard to accomplish amongst the packed sports bars on Clark Street and with views of Wrigley Field.

The building was formerly a small apartment building, which attempted to switch into a hotel. However, that didn’t quite work out and the building remained vacant for years until getting into the hands of Bedderman Lodging.

The feel at 3475 N. Clark Street, set to open just before May, is much more intimate than the 173-room Hotel Zachary down the street. On a tour of the unfinished space, one of the development’s owners Robby Baum of Bedderman Lodging said they’re trying showcase the neighborhood through the hotel’s atmosphere and design.

It’s meant to feel authentic and hyper-local, not something that’s out of place. Other projects by Bedderman Lodging, such as Field House Jones in Old Town and Holiday Jones in Wicker Park, follow this same idea by being equal parts hotel, hostel and Airbnb.

The Wheelhouse was designed by both Bedderman Lodging and Curioso. The reception area will feature an art installation made up of 500 baseball bats—similar in style to the twisting tennis racket art hung throughout Field House Jones.

On the other side of reception is Union Full Board, a pizza joint that will take over some of the ground floor space. Tinker to Evers, a cocktail bar in the basement, will offer craft beverages in a more chic atmosphere. If that bar name is making you scratch your head, it’s a reference to a famous poem written in 1910 about a double play made by three Cubs players.

The rooms follow a playful color palette, each with yellow, dusty blue, green, or coral pink wood paneling paired with dark wood floors. Most have views of Clark Street, or if you’re towards the back of the building you’ll be able to scope out Addison and Clark on one of the six patios.

Baseball is tied in throughout the rooms with leather and wood accents, painted brick, and subtle decor. Perhaps you’ll find a portrait of good old Bill Murray, and long-time Cubs fan, in your room. We spot a photo inspired by his GQ cover shoot in one of the renderings.

The rooftop, of course, will be a lounge area with ivy-covered walls and offer activities for guests like yoga or happy hour.

Rates aren’t set yet, but they’ll likely start at $200 and increase on game days.

The next step for the project will be starting up construction for the lot next door. The plan is to eventually build a five-story building which will add more hotel rooms and retail space.