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Will the city resurface your street this year?

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Officials selected 135 miles of roadway in need

Romana Klee / Flicker

There are two seasons in Chicago—winter and construction. That old adage proves true once again as the city rolls out plans to resurface 135 miles of streets, according to an announcement from the mayor’s office.

The work is expected to begin mid-April when the asphalt plants open for the 2018 construction season. The Chicago Department of Transportation and the Department of Water Management are leading the project and plan to resurface at least 275 miles by the end of the year.

Since 2011, more than 1,850 miles of streets and alleyways have been resurfaced (that’s out of the city’s 4,600 miles of roadways).

If you didn’t know you can report a pothole on your block, just submit an online request or call 311. You can also submit a claim if one happens to wreck your car. Residents can also track which potholes have been reported and filled in the last week through this map.

The green marks streets that have been resurfaced and red indicates which street will be redone in 2018.
City of Chicago