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Possible high-rise in the works for Oak and Dearborn

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A rendering showing a 30-story tower has surfaced online

Google Street View

The corner of Oak and Dearborn streets could be the site of Chicago’s next high rise proposal, based on a rendering shared on a development-focused online forum. The image shows the northwest corner of the Gold Coast intersection improved with a new tower rising more than 30 stories.

The mystery tower.

It was presented with no mention of a potential developer or designer, but shares many traits of works from architect Lucien Lagrange such as a beige coloration and mansard roof.

When asked about his firm’s involvement in any project at Oak and Dearborn, Alfredo Marr, managing principal at Studio Lucien Lagrange said, “That’s something we can’t talk about now.”

As for other clues within the image, the left side of the rendering shows the separate 2016 high-rise proposal slated for 1010-1028 N. Dearborn—an indication that it was created within the past two years. According to the online post, the proposal contains 74 units (likely condos) and 161 parking spaces.

Located just north of the Newberry Library, the site is currently occupied by the Warren Barr rehab and transitional care facility. While the taller portion of the existing building along Clark Street would remain, the new tower would take out the low-rise portion fronting Dearborn. According to records, Warren Barr still owns both pieces of the property.

While the parcel was included in the 2016 downtown zoning expansion area, such a development will still require city approval to get off the ground. A call to Chicago’s 2nd Ward office was not immediately returned.