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Historic Astor Tower condo up for $285,000

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Originally Bertrand Goldberg’s tower was a French-themed hotel

Photos courtesy of Dave Naso with Keller Williams Chicago Lincoln Park, by Chicago Home Photos

Architect Bertrand Goldberg is most famous for the Marina City Towers along the Chicago River. Just before creating those corn cob buildings, he designed Astor Tower. If iconic Chicago architects and minimalist modern design are your style—then check out this condo.

This cozy 800-square-foot residence is right in line with Gold Coast neighborhood prices at $285,000. Back in 2014, it sold for $207,000 and it appears the owner did quite a few renovations to get this one-bedroom, one-bath in shape.

The building was constructed in 1960, and as a result a lot of work in the unit has included new copper piping, HVAC systems and updated electrical. However, the apartment is in no way outdated. There are new kitchen appliances, a hidden pantry and microwave, a floating vanity in the bathroom along with indirect lighting. And really, the most important thing here are those killer views from the floor-to-ceiling

What’s unique about this building is that Goldberg designed the residences to center around a core that housed the elevator and other building systems. The Marina Towers are built in a similar way too. Standing at the entrance of Astor Tower, the floor plates are raised so you can see the concrete core through the support pillars. With this design, Goldberg let’s you peek behind the curtain.