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Live in the Lyric Opera’s former design workshop for $470,000

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Floor-to-ceiling windows in a historic building

Photos courtesy of Julie Umecker of @properties by VHT Studios

For more than 75 years, the world-famous Lyric Opera housed elaborate set designs, costumes and props in a large, boxy warehouse at the edge of the South Loop and Bronzeville neighborhoods.

The opera’s design workshop and warehouse were turned into loft-style condos back in 2008. And one just popped up on the market a day ago.

When the adaptive-reuse building opened, it had a bit of trouble selling units in the first couple years. A real estate investment firm swooped in and bought more than half of the empty units, so now the lofts are a mix of condos and rental units.

Although, a few other lofts in the building are up for grabs, this one is the largest at nearly 2,000 square feet. And also the most expensive.

The three bedroom plus den loft features high ceilings and lots of industrial touches. Exposed black steel beams, modern wire railing, and corrugated steel paneling are coupled with natural wood. The duplex layout of this unit creates a spacious environment with tons of natural light.

The entryway into the building is guarded by two weathered, Grecian-looking statues that could have easily found themselves on an opera stage once upon a time. There’s real character here, the thick, beat-up metal entryway door surrounded by a clear glass vestibule ought to have some history behind it too.

Photos courtesy of Julie Umecker of @properties by VHT Studios