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Swoon over these beautiful, award-winning bungalow restorations and rehabs

The Chicago Bungalow Association considered 78 nominees

This home won best window restoration.
Photos courtesy of the Chicago Bungalow Association

Chicago bungalows are a classic home that many owners are quite passionate about rehabbing and restoring. Awards for the best projects in 2018 were handed out by the Chicago Bungalow Association earlier this month and the winners were announced on Tuesday.

The 14th Annual Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Bungalow Awards is a juried competition that features eight categories. This year homeowners submitted projects like a sensible additions, carefully restored 1920s windows and lush landscape designs.

In 2000, the Chicago Bungalow Association (CBA) was created to help the city preserve the estimated 80,000 bungalows within the area. It’s encouraged homeowners to renovate and restore rather than tear down and start new. The annual awards highlight the city’s vernacular architecture and why it’s important to preserve.

“By equipping homeowners with energy efficiency grants and educational resources to help maintain, preserve, and adapt their Chicago bungalows and vintage homes, CBA is helping to strengthen the neighborhoods they anchor,” said Mary Ellen Guest, Executive Director of the CBA.

This year, 78 nominations were judged and eight winners took home a cash prize of $1,000 along with a copper plaque. Eight projects won honorable mentions and were recognized with a $250 cash prize and plaque. Below you’ll find our four favorite winners from this year’s group. Photos of all the award winners from this year and others are up on CBA’s website.

Landscape Design Winner 2018

Douglas Boldt and Lorrie Akins in Belmont Cragin

Window Restoration Winner 2018

Craig Brandt & Laurie Woolverton in West Ridge

Small Project Honorable Mention 2018

Keith Paddy & Cassandra Kaczocha in West Ridge

Sensible Addition Winner 2018

Christopher Gordon & Carolina Gomez in Portage Park