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After light morning snow, cold temperatures arrive early

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The first snowfall was brief, expect cold winds tonight

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This morning, commuters were given a taste of what’s ahead: a chilly, snowy winter. While the light snow fall through Friday morning didn’t end up sticking much within the city, it was a good reminder to break out the boots and coats if you haven’t already.

Observed snowfall was about an inch for the Chicago metro area, according to the National Weather Service in Chicago. The snow seen in the city is the earliest 1-inch snowfall since October 19, 1989, according to NWS. As for the rest of the state, northern-central Illinois saw about 2 inches and the east-central part of the state received less than a half inch of snow.

Blue skies peaked out early afternoon, but don’t let that fool you. Tonight’s forecast includes a few more snow showers coming before 9 p.m., winds with gusts as high as 35 mph, and temperatures in the low 20s, NWS said. Saturday will be a sunny 30 degrees and Sunday will be partly sunny with a high near 40 degrees.

Unlike previous winters it will be exceptionally cold very early on, NWS reports. Usually temperatures at this time of year are hover at 50 degrees. Remember to dress warm, check on your neighbors and use these city resources.

There’s a good chance of an El Niño event occurring this winter. Does this mean it will snow more? Well, looking at the Midwest, that’s not necessarily the case. If you’re not familiar, here’s where you can read up on the weather phenomenon.