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Chicago’s famous Blommer Chocolate factory is getting a new owner

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The city’s best smelling factory will be sold to Japan-based Fuji Oil Holding

Tim Boyle/Getty Images

After three generations of family ownership, Blommer Chocolate will sell its cocoa manufacturing empire—including its famously fragrant downtown Chicago factory—to a Japanese company for $750 million.

On Monday, Fuji Oil Holding announced its plan to purchase Blommer and all of its business entities. As for the future of the company’s sweet-smelling facility at 600 W. Kinzie Street, a statement from Fuji indicated its intention to keep operating the Chicago location—at least for the time being.

When pressed by the Chicago Tribune if the Fulton River District factory will stay open, Blommer leadership issued a statement of their own saying “Fuji is buying Blommer because they like what we have built. They like our plant footprint, our people, the deep customer relationships we have developed and the global brand equity in the Blommer name.”

Founded in 1939, Blommer operates five manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Canada, and China and is the third largest industrial chocolate producer in the world. It supplies numerous name brand confectionery companies.

Blommer’s sale to Fuji Oil Holding is expected to close in 30 to 60 days, according to Crain’s. Reports that the company was looking to sell had first surfaced in August.