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CTA testing digital information screens on buses

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The screens will be similar to those on train platforms

Chicago Mayor’s Office

The Chicago Transit Authority will begin to test out digital information screens on a small number of buses later this year, according to the mayor’s office.

The new screens will be similar to those installed on train platforms and offer real-time arrival times, upcoming stops, transfer information, and any service alerts. CTA President Dorval Carter also announced the news Wednesday while at the City Club of Chicago according to the Chicago Tribune.

In addition to travel information, the screens will also be able to flash reminders to keep bags off seats and display a feed from the buses’ interior security cameras, the newspaper reported.

The screens will be located near the front of the bus and toward the rear exit on a very limited number of CTA buses. While there isn’t too much information to share right now, it’s likely that the digital screens will be rolled out similarly to the ones located on platforms and near L stations.

Upgrading bus routes and the surrounding infrastructure appears to be on the mayor’s agenda lately—earlier this week the city’s transit-oriented development policy was expanded to include two high-ridership bus routes on the South and West sides which means developers have a lot more incentive to build there.

While at City Club, Carter also said that more updates to bus lines would be coming soon such as the ability to pay fares by cellphone, the newspaper reported.