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Rumored Google deal could bring new offices, thousands of jobs to Chicago

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The move would represent major win for Chicago’s emerging tech sector

Google’s current Chicago HQ at 1K Fulton.
Google Street View

Though not on the scale of Amazon’s coveted HQ2 deal, Chicago is reportedly in the running to score an expanded presence from technology giant Google. Based on a recent report by Greg Hinz of Crain’s, the company’s search for a new, non-West Coast operations center could be worth up to 5,000 jobs.

Officials from Google and City Hall declined to comment in the report, but sources tell Hinz that the company could be drawn to Chicago’s relatively low cost of living and a highly-educated talent pool that hasn’t been depleted by tech competitors. Other cities such as Boston, Dallas, and Atlanta are also reportedly under consideration.

It’s too early to say where exactly Google would expand should the Windy City land the deal. With the tech company already employing more than 800 workers out of its offices at 1K Fulton, a location in or around Chicago’s rapidly-changing Fulton Market District is certainly a possibility.

Google will have no shortage of options in the immediate area thanks to a number of big office projects in the works from developers such as Sterling Bay, Shapack Partners, and a joint venture from IBT Group and LAMB Properties.