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Lakeview transit-oriented apartment proposal gets downsized again

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The curvy project at 3300 N. Clark Street has received another haircut

bKL Architecture

An apartment development slated for 3300 N. Clark in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood is looking to move forward with an even shorter design. Originally proposed to top-out at 127 feet, the height of the building was reduced to 108 feet in a presentation made last fall. Now, according to a zoning application filed with the Chicago City Clerk, additional revisions will see the eight-story structure rise to a height of 92 feet.

The architectural haircut has also caused the transit-oriented project’s residential density to take a hit. The plan now includes 140 rental units, down from the previous count of 171. On-site parking—albeit still quite low—has meanwhile grown from 15 to 20 spaces. The bKL Architecture-designed development will also feature 11,500 square feet of retail space, an elevated resident amenity deck, and parking for 66 bicycles.

3300 N. Clark comes from BlitzLake Partners, the developer behind the nearby Lakview 3200 apartment complex and Target store. The wedge-shaped development site is currently occupied by the single-story Lakeview Learning Center building and a surface parking lot. The City of Chicago is still reviewing the project’s requested zoning change.

bKL Architecture