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The West Loop’s old H2O Plus HQ bites the dust for new 17-story apartment complex

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The low-slung industrial building will eventually give way to a pair of high-rises sporting hundreds of rental units

Jay Koziarz
The most recent rendering of 845 W. Madison, as approved by the City of Chicago in 2017.
GREC Architects

Chicago’s sub-zero temps haven’t discouraged workers from dismantling the former H2O Plus facility ahead of its planned redevelopment into hundreds of apartments. Home to the lotion and shampoo manufacturer prior to the company’s move to San Francisco, the soon-to-be-destroyed H20 Plus structure is at the center of a block-sized parcel bordered by Monroe, Peoria, Madison, and Green near the West Loop’s Mary Bartelme Park.

In its place, developer The John Buck Company envisions a pair of 17-story residential towers rising above a base wrapped in retail space and townhomes. Designed by GREC Architects, the development at 845 W. Madison is expected to deliver 586 rental units—making it one of the most dense apartment projects headed to the booming neighborhood.

Approved by the Chicago Plan Commission last summer, the development will include its city-required 59 affordable rate units on-site and will contribute $2.3 million into the city’s Neighborhood Opportunity Fund. The transit-oriented development will also contain parking for 293 vehicles, neatly concealed behind active use.

Jay Koziarz
Jay Koziarz