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Here’s what $99K buys in West Ridge

You can get a lot for your money in this far North Side neighborhood

You’ve seen all of the studies and reports—homeownership is increasingly becoming more and more out of reach for many working families and young people. However, up in the West Ridge neighborhood on Chicago’s far North Side, there’s a good chance that you’ll find something in any budget.

Not only are there a number of listings on the market right now for under $100,000, but you can find anything from a one-, two-, and even a couple of three-bedroom units in this price range. Keep an eye on the monthly assessment though—particularly in the more vintage buildings—as some units are actually co-ops and will have a lower asking price coupled with a steeper assessment.

If you’re on a tight budget, there’s something for you in West Ridge. Here’s a look at just a few of the properties currently available.

2200 W. Granville Ave. Unit G

Fresh on the market, this one-bedroom basement unit on Granville Avenue can be had for just under $100,000. The unit is located in a handsome vintage Tudor-inspired building near grocery shopping and the popular Devon Avenue restaurants. While it’s a garden unit, it appears to be quite spacious for a one-bedroom. The $167 monthly assessment is also more than reasonable.

6206 N. Francisco Ave. Unit 3B

This one-bedroom in a classic Chicago yellow brick multiunit is asking $79,900. And like most vintage buildings, this one features some classic finishes and radiator heat. This one has been refreshed recently with new kitchen cabinets and bathroom tile. The monthly assessment here is $278.

2448 W. Greenleaf Ave. #3

This old school one-bedroom is located in one of the coolest multiunit buildings in Chicago. Designed by Jens J. Jensen (not the landscape architect Jens Jensen), the Park Castle Condominiums building is one that really makes a lasting impression for its scale and beauty. Inside, you have a unit that matches the vintage vibe of the building, although the kitchen appears to have been updated at some point in the last couple of decades. This one can be had for $96,900 and the monthly assessment is $397.

1912 W. Hood Ave. Unit 3B

This quaint one-bedroom on Hood Avenue is a good example of making the most of small spaces. The ceiling height and other dimensions may not be exactly ideal, but you’re getting a hell of a deal at $85,000 for two bedrooms. However, being a co-op, you’re going to be paying more in the assessment, which is $437.