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A first look at Outcome Health’s upcoming River North offices

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The new Gensler-designed offices will accommodate 2,000 employees by 2022

Outcome Health | © Gensler Chicago
Gensler has designed the project’s interiors as well as the exterior signage along State Street.
Outcome Health | © Gensler Chicago

Today, healthcare technology company Outcome Health and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel hosted a joint press conference to announce the firm’s commitment to bring 2,000 jobs to Chicago’s River North neighborhood by 2022. Slated for April of 2018, the relocation would see the company lease nearly 400,000 square feet in the 29-story glass and aluminum building at 515 N. State Street. The deal is large enough to secure naming rights which will result in the Kenzo Tange-designed high-rise being renamed ‘Outcome Tower.’

Outcome, a designer and manufacturer of software and digital devices that aid doctors in diagnosis and treatment options, has tapped architectural firm Gensler to create their upcoming space. Designed to marry rigid forms representing technology and softer, organic shapes symbolic of biology, the plan envisions a “co-working and entrepreneurship campus” and includes an operations center dedicated to monitor medical devices in the field in real time.

Considering that Outcome currently employs approximately 600 employees, the company has a lot of hiring to do over the next four years. The firm plans to grow into its new River North home and lease out a portion of their space to other startups in the meantime.

Outcome Health | © Gensler Chicago

While news of Outcome’s big move was first reported by Crain’s back in March, today’s press conference seemed to take on an extra element of pomp and pageantry with the subtext being that Chicago is an established national player when it comes to attracting tech companies. The addition of 2,000 jobs is certainly newsworthy, but also considering that City Hall is hoping to attract Amazon’s coveted ‘HQ2’ headquarters to the Windy City, the timing of today’s press conference could be more than coincidental.

“Companies like Outcome Health are a critical part of Chicago’s future—driving job creation, innovation, and economic growth across the city,” Mayor Emanuel said, according to a release put out by the health technology firm. “And in turn Chicago is providing companies with the talent, transportation, and technology they need to grow and thrive for years to come.”