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Lincoln Park house from TV’s ‘Family Matters’ to be demolished

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A demolition permit was issued this week for the two-story frame house which appeared in the classic TV series

Flickr Creative Commons/Camphellview13

The Lincoln Park home that made an appearance during the opening theme of every episode of TV’s Family Matters is slated for demolition. A permit was issued by the city two days ago for the demolition of the two-story frame house and its detached garage.

The famous house is very likely just one more victim of Lincoln Park’s explosion of upscale new construction. Numerous worker cottages and Victorian-era houses have been demolished in recent years to clear the path for new construction, and it’s looking like this old frame home is to be replaced with a new construction.

According to DNAinfo, the property owners plan to build a new three-unit building at the site. The broker representing the property owners tell DNAinfo that “renovating the home wasn't a viable option” and that the owners “plan to decorate the entry with framed photographs of the original house.”

It’s a common theme for developers and builders to claim that renovation is not possible when demolishing historic or significant homes. While this specific house does not have any particular significance architecturally, it’s certainly one that Gen Xers and Millennials hold dear for being the “gentle walls” of TV’s Winslow family.