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Uptown transit-oriented apartment proposal returns with a new, glassier look

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The project at Wilson and Sheridan was approved at today’s meeting of the Chicago Plan Commission

Forum Studio

A twelve-story development slated for the southeast corner of Wilson and Sheridan in Uptown appeared before the Chicago Plan Commission today with an updated exterior design. The project, which comes from developer/contractor Clayco and architect Forum Studio, has shed the brick-like cladding seen in previous renderings in favor of a virtually all-glass facade system. The latest image also shows the removal of a concrete rooftop overhang.

The 134-foot-tall structure will contain ground floor retail, 150 rental units, and just 29 parking spaces thanks to reductions sought under Chicago’s Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Ordinance. The $35 million project will also contribute $1 million to the city’s Affordable Housing Opportunity fund, according to Chicago’s Department of Planning and Development.

February’s design for Wilson & Sheridan [left] versus what was approved today by the Chicago Plan Commission [right].
Forum Studio

The latest design change isn’t the first time that Clayco has modified its plan for Wilson and Sheridan. An earlier plan presented in January called for roughly the same number of units and parking spaces but in a squat, eight-story design. The project resurfaced as a more narrow, twelve-story proposal a month later. The redesign came following feedback from the City’s Planning Department and Uptown United, said 46th Ward Alderman James Cappleman.

Prior to Clayco’s involvement with the site, developer Cedar Street Cos. revealed plans in 2015 to construct a seven-story, 138-unit TOD deigned by SPACE Architects + Planners at the same corner. Cedar Street also expressed intentions to redevelop the nearby site at 1050 W. Wilson into a 110-unit rental property.

Clayco’s original eight-story plan for 975 W. Wilson.
Forum Studio
Cedar Street Cos. TOD design from 2015.
SPACE Architects + Planners