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Quincy station one step away from official Chicago Landmark designation

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The Commission on Chicago Landmarks has approved a recommendation to landmark the historic Quincy ‘L’ stop

Flickr Creative Commons/Damian Entwistle

The historic Quincy ‘L’ station which serves Chicago’s Loop is on track to become an official Chicago Landmark. According to an email announcement from 42nd Ward Alderman Brendan Reilly sent to constituents last week, the Commission on Chicago Landmarks has recently approved a landmarking recommendation for the 120 year old station. Alderman Reilly adds that the measure will be introduced to the City Council in October for a final vote.

The station is significant not only for its age, but for being one of oldest and best preserved original ‘L’ stations. Designed by architect Alfred M. Hedley in the neoclassical style which was quite popular at the time, the elevated transit station first opened in 1897. It remains a link to Chicago’s industrial past but also to the development of the Loop, which received its name based on the path the city’s elevated transit system takes through downtown.

More recently, the station has been the focus of a $18 million renovation which will see a number of improvements, including full ADA compliance with the installation of two elevators, an accessible covered walkway, new exit stairs, better lighting, and modifications to the existing platforms. The renovation of the historic Quincy station is expected to be completed by the end of this year.