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Which Chicago neighborhoods are the most bike and pedestrian friendly?

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And which neighborhoods stand to improve?

Curbed Chicago Flickr pool/Josh Koonce

Chicago has made huge investments in mass transit in recent years and this trend will have to continue if the city wants to see continued economic development and growth throughout its many community areas. Most recently, a brand new “superstation” which replaces two previous Loop ‘L’ stops opened two weeks ago at Washington and Wabash. And there are still big updates for the Green, Blue, and Red lines to come.

But let’s talk about people-powered transit for a bit. Bicycling has exploded in popularity in Chicago and on most warm and sunny mornings, hundreds of bike commuters can be spotted riding down Milwaukee Avenue from neigborhoods like Avondale, Logan Square, and Wicker Park into the Loop. Walking is no different, either. City planners and businesses are activating the once sleepy Chicago River not only for recreation, but also for revenue generation.

So, what are some of the best neighborhoods for walking and bicycling. Of course there are going to be the obviously ones along Milwaukee Avenue—but what are others that are less highlighted? And which neighborhoods stand to improve? Please discuss in the comments below. If you prefer to share your thoughts directly with Curbed staff, feel free to shoot us a line.