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South Loop one-bedroom with large private terrace asks $335K

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An unusually large outdoor terrace comes with this nicely finished condo

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There’s been a steady stream of excellent condos under $400K hitting the market over the last few months, and this South Loop unit on South Michigan Avenue is no exception. The on-trend luxury finishes work well here and will certainly impress the right buyer. However, the big selling point is its unusually large private terrace space. Typically you’d see larger, more expensive condos with comparable outdoor spaces, but for $334,999, this one can be yours.

Garage parking is available, but it’s going to cost an additional $35,000. Even still, the total price with parking is still well below the $400K mark around $369,000 with parking. The monthly assessment comes in at just over $300, but it’s a fair trade when considering how much outdoor space you’re getting here. While summer is beginning to wind down, just think about all of the great entertaining opportunities for next year.