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Here’s what $99K gets in Uptown right now

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At this moment there are three residences in Uptown listed under $100,000 and this is one of them. There’s a huge catch with this one though and that is that this one is a co-op in a vintage building and it has a $1,300 monthly assessment. Alright, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s take a look at the unit.

As one should expect, you’re getting a mostly vintage unit here with some nice older finishes and trims. The bathroom is older, though it certainly fits with the vintage vibe. Meanwhile the kitchen has been updated at some point and features stainless steel appliances and a nice amount of counter space. The staging shows off how well midcentury furniture and other trendy finishes work here.

One of the biggest takeaways here is just how spacious the place is. With a $99,000 asking price, you’re getting a one-bedroom that spans 1,200 square feet. And the floor plan isn’t cramped either. Compared to what you’re getting for the same price in Logan Square, this one looks almost palatial.

However, the one big catch here is the monthly assessment. While your $99K garden unit in Logan Square came with a $300 monthly assessment, this larger Uptown co-op requires a $1,300 assessment. The silver lining is that the assessment here includes taxes, among other items. Cash buyers would essentially be paying $1,300 per month to live in the space.