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Developer giving Andersonville greystone one month to find a buyer

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A historic property on a double lot may still be demolished for redevelopment if the house is not sold

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After a push from Andersonville residents to save a critically endangered greystone on a residential street spread across social media and into 48th Ward Alderman Harry Osterman’s office earlier this year, the property’s owner has placed the property for sale. However, there’s one major string attached here: The house has one month to find a buyer or it’ll likely still ultimately face demolition, hyperlocal outlet Edgeville Buzz is reporting.

The property, a stately two-story greystone with exterior ornamentation built in the first decade of the twentieth century, hit the market earlier this week with a $1.18 million price tag. The ask is a considerable bump from the $875,000 that Aidan Development Corporation paid in March. Standing on a full double lot, the property was purchased to be redeveloped for the size of the lot.

At a community meeting in June, Alderman Harry Osterman told residents that he would fight “tooth and nail” to save the historic residence, DNAinfo reported at the time. DNAinfo reporter Josh McGhee attended the meeting and counted over 150 residents in attendance. However, the developer, Aidan Dunican of Aidan Development Corporation was not one of those attending the meeting from June, McGhee reports.

A petition started by Andersonville residents earlier this year pleaded Alderman Osterman and Dunican to save the building received over 600 signatures.

Despite the community’s efforts, Andersonville residents have just a few weeks to find a buyer for the property otherwise their preservation efforts may ultimately become a lost cause.