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Upscale Gold Coast condo tower gets yet another height increase

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Changes include a new private pool for No. 9 Walton’s multi-million-dollar penthouse

Jay Koziarz

Despite having the appearance of being nearly topped-off, there’s still more to come from the Gold Coast luxury condo tower known as No. 9 Walton. This month, the 37-story high-rise development was issued an updated construction permit allowing for a larger—and more expensive—penthouse unit with its own private swimming pool and revised building mechanicals. The changes are good for another 7,100 square feet of interior floor area and a considerably higher architectural top.

This isn’t the first time the 71-unit project from developer JDL and architect HPA has been granted additional height from the city. After being approved to rise 430 feet back in 2015, the No. 9 Walton team paid into Chicago’s Neighborhood Opportunity Bonus system the following year to achieve an ultimate height of 456. The latest change to the plan will now see the tower top-out at 491 feet. Resident occupancy is slated for April 2018.

Here’s a full description of changes as it appears on the revised construction permit:

Direct developer service: revisions include a revised residential penthouse with private rooftop pool, revised mechanical penthouse and revised envelope design above level 35. Changes result in an additional 7,092 square feet of FAR area and a revised overall height of 491'-4". Additional revisions to previously permitted retail, amenity and residential units are also included. Revisions include all architectural, structural, and MEP work required for the additional scope as well as any revisions required to previously permitted scope; all as per plans.

Renderings of No. 9 Walton from 2015 [left] and 2016 [right]. The revised design will be taller still.