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Blue Line yeti vacates home near Damen station, appears in Craigslist ad

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The ominous-looking paper mache sculpture which stood watch over the Damen Blue Line is for sale

Reddit user vijay_the_messanger

It’s yet another sign of the changing Wicker Park neighborhood—the ominous-looking yeti which stood watch over the Damen platform for years has moved on. In a recent Reddit thread, an image was shared showing a sign that suggested the yeti was no longer living in the building adjacent to the station. “Wicker Park, I finally moved on, too. - The Yeti,” the sign read.

Fearing that the yeti was yet another victim of Wicker Park gentrification, which has seen the shuttering of numerous stores and eviction of legacy businesses in recent years, Reddit users shared information about the yeti’s whereabouts and what comes next for it. It turns out that the yeti has actually been listed for sale on Craigslist.

A Craigslist classified ad for the Damen yeti seeks $500 for the paper machine sculpture.

GUYS THE YETI. You've seen it look [out] from my window at you on the Damen Blue Line. Maybe you even creeped and took a picture of it with me half-dressed looking in the fridge in the background. I'm looking for at least $500, but hell, make an offer. Damaged feet but otherwise in great shape. Super light weight — it's paper mache. Yeti is carrying a pony keg (repairmen on the Blue Line called it "the Irish yeti" for that reason). Guy in the pic below is 6 feet tall for reference. It's really an incredible and detailed work of art by artist Clayton Meyer. Have a piece of history from the soon-to-end last residential artsy loft space in Wicker Park.

So there you have it. The yeti is not gone per se, but it is moving on.

“Goodbye sweet Yeti, patron of the Damen Blue Line Loop-bound passengers. We will never forget you,” Reddit user Karmaknaught wrote in the thread seeking information about the yeti. Alas, while it may longer look out ominously over the Damen station from his old spot, the paper mache could appear somewhere else along the Blue Line.