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Construction underway on 12-story apartment development in Chicago’s Greektown

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The mixed-use project replaces a vacant lot at the corner of Halsted and Van Buren

Image courtesy of bKL Architecture

Despite landing a construction permit for its foundation back in April, an upcoming 12-story mixed-use development at the northwest corner of Halsted and Van Buren is just now getting down to business. According to Daniel Schell of the blog Building Up Chicago, workers are finally getting around to planting the building’s tube-like caissons into the loamy soil.

Located across from Greektown’s National Hellenic Museum, the transit-oriented project at 808 W. Van Buren comes from Loukas Development and Chicago-based design firm bKL Architecture. According to the prior building permit, the new structure will contain 148 apartment units, ground floor retail space, and 65 parking stalls on levels one and two.

The site was previously home to Costa’s restaurant that was destroyed in a 2010 fire and has been vacant since. The development is being built “as-of-right” with no change to the site’s underlying zoning.