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Scottie Pippen shaves $300K off asking price for Highland Park mansion

The Chicago Bulls legend has relisted his suburban home for $2.795 million.

After a first attempt to sell his spacious Highland Park mansion last year, six-time NBA Playoff champion Scottie Pippen has stepped up to take another shot on closing a deal. According to the Chicago Tribune, Pippen’s house has reentered the market, but this time with a nearly big price chop. The 10,500-square-foot mansion is now available for $2.795 million, a nearly $300,000 drop from Pippen’s initial $3.1 million asking price from last summer.

As one would expect, this pro athlete-owned mansion owned sports some nice amenities. The mansion features a large outdoor pool and an indoor basketball court, complete with the Chicago Bulls’ red, white, and black colors. A likeness of Pippen’s number 33 jersey greets those that enter the court, letting opponents and teammates know that they’ve entered Scottie’s house.

The Pippens have owned the home for many years, having purchased the house for $2.225 million in 2004. Even with a big price cut, Pippen still stands to make out on top if he gets an offer at or near his asking price. According to the Tribune, the latest listing has not been made available on the public MLS but instead has made an appearance on the private listing network.