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Here’s what $275K gets in River North

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There are a handful of one-bedroom units available in this downtown neighborhood at or below $275K

VHT Studios

If you’re looking in River North but are very tight on your budget, you do have a handful of options. There’s not a lot in the West Loop under $275,000, but in River North, there are 11 total listings in this range. If you bump your budget up to up to $300,000, you’ll find a few more listings. However, for this list, we specifically focused on one-bedroom units only. And when filtering through the listings, we find that there are only five one-bedroom units for sale at $2750,000 of less in River North.

You can find a studio in River North for just under $200,000, but having that extra space will be worth it for many. These units featured in these listings aren’t exactly spacious and they’re missing some amenities that most downtown residents expect (like in-unit laundry), but for those who want to live close to work and the bustling nightlife of River North but can’t spend a fortune, these are certainly great properties for the price.

340 W. Superior Street #810

Depending on whether or not you need parking, this one falls either above or below the $250,000 threshold. It’s listed at $243,000—which is not an unreasonable price for a downtown one-bedroom—but it want parking, that price becomes $273,000. Compared to the other listings, the $414 monthly assessment seems steep, but it actually includes heating, air conditioning, cable, and internet.

225 W. Huron Street #601

So, you want something lofty under $250,000? No problem. Here’s a one-bedroom true loft unit on Huron Street that can be had for $249,900. The unit is at the top of the building, so it’s just a quick trip to the rooftop deck space. It’s got all of the makings of an industrial loft without the inflated price tag—including an open floor plan and an open bedroom space.

653 N. Kingsbury Street #2104

Located in the Lucien LaGrange-designed Kingsbury on the Park tower, this one-bedroom is surprisingly nice for the price. It’s not a particularly large one-bedroom, but it’s functional, and it offers some pretty nice views from the balcony area. Storage is included, but parking is an extra $30,000. The listing says that the parking space must be sold with the unit, bringing the actual listing price up to $265,000.