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Penthouse condo in Old Town’s ‘Equis’ development lists for $1.4M

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The two-building residential project started life as apartments before shifting to condos


A penthouse unit in an upcoming development at the site of the demolished 19th century Noble Horse Theater and Stables in Old Town has hit the market seeking more than $1.4 million. The three-bedroom home is one of eight spacious duplex penthouse units in the yet-to-be-built ‘Equis of Old Town’ development slated for the parcel bordered by Orleans, Schiller, and Sedgwick.

Presented to the Chicago Plan Commission in December as 252 apartment units, LG Development Group more recently pivoted the project to 175 for-sale condominiums. According to Crain’s, the change was adopted due to growing concerns regarding a possible over-supply of new units in the downtown and near downtown rental markets.

Designed by NORR, Equis will consist of two conjoined buildings. The first, dubbed Equis Flats, will contain 119 one- and two-bedroom units with prices starting around $290,000. A second building containing 56 full-floor private residences priced in the high $800,000-range will be known as Equis Row. The pair are expected to begin construction in early 2018.

The project, as presented in December.
A more recent rendering of Equis Row.