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Developer vows to reuse historic Milwaukee Avenue facade in Logan Square TOD

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Though demolished, the facade of the Weyland Building is expected to be reassembled

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This week, workers were spotted demolishing the historic Weyland Building at 1968 N. Milwaukee Avenue, which naturally raised concerns among a number of Logan Square residents and preservationists who believed that the facade of the 1907 John Ahlschlager-designed structure was to be preserved and reused in a new development planned for the site. Despite being taken down, the old exterior will still be reincorporated into an eight-story, transit-oriented apartment development from Clayco.

A push from preservationists to save the entire Weyland Building that collected nearly 600 signatures resulted in a compromise to leave its Milwaukee Avenue frontage in-place. However, after it was determined that the facade lacked structural integrity to stand on its own, the developer amended its agreement with the city to allow the brick and limestone exterior to be dismantled and put back at a later date.

A rendering showing the the 1907 Weyland Building [left] incorporated into Clayco’s new apartment development.
Forum Studio

While Clayco is bound by its Planned Development (PD) documentation to make sure the old facade is indeed replaced, the removal and reinstallation process greatly increases the risk of damage. “It’s nerve-racking,” said Andrew Schneider, President of Logan Square Preservation. “We really didn’t find out about the change in plans until after demolition was already in motion.”

Located at the southwest corner of Armitage and Milwaukee avenues, Clayco’s upcoming development will contain 134 apartments and new ground floor retail space. Designed by architect Forum Studio, the new structure is one of dozens of new transit-oriented rental developments cropping up along the Milwaukee Avenue corridor. It will contain just 17 parking spaces due to its proximity to the Western Blue Line station.