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Alfred Alschuler-designed mansion in Kenwood shaves $400K off ask

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The stately house returns asking $1.995 million

Coldwell Banker Residential

A Kenwood mansion designed by noted architect Alfred Alschuler has returned to the market once again with a second big price reduction. The house, built in 1900 during Chicago’s gilded age, listed in April seeking $2.395 million but can now be had for under $2 million. Not only is the house big on architectural pedigree, but it’s also just big in general with seven bedrooms and five bathrooms spread over 9,000 square feet of living space.

Alschuler, a prolific Chicago architect, designed many significant buildings including the old Mercantile Exchange (which was demolished in 2003), and the London Guaranty & Accident Building, which reopened reopened last summer as the LondonHouse hotel. However, the architect didn’t just do commercial work, this house is an example of his high-brow residential portfolio.

There are some original architectural details here, but there have been numerous changes and updates as well. To get an idea of what the house looked like before it was last sold, there are still some images up from a previous listing from a couple of years ago.

As of this week, this stately mansion is seeking $1.995 million.