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Watch as Andersonville’s new water tank is installed over the Swedish American Museum

New drone video footage offers a bird’s-eye perspective of this week’s installation of the new water tower

Andersonville’s beloved Swedish flag-adorned water tank was returned to its rightful place on top of the Swedish American Museum this week. While it’s not the same old one, the neighborhood had helped to raise the $100,000 needed for a replica tank to replace the original which had been removed after the polar vortex of 2014 due to safety concerns. If you missed this week’s installation, you’re in luck as there are now a few new videos surfacing on Youtube of the event.

One such video, which comes from the channel The Drone Agent, reveals the installation from above. The whole process is cropped down to just two and a half minutes of aerial footage. Another video from the Chicago Aussie follows the big event from multiple angles, including some time lapse footage from the rooftop of the Swedish American Museum.