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Unusual bungalow renovation on Chicago’s North Side lists for $495K

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The unique home was recently expanded to include a loft-like second level

Photos by VHT Studios

Located in Chicago’s North Park neighborhood, this oddball three-bedroom home started life in 1918 as a typical brick Chicago-style bungalow. While the post-2008 second story addition will undoubtedly make some members of the Chicago Historic Bungalow Association queasy, the home is nonetheless interesting to look at.

The first level is fairly conservative and features traditional hardwood floors, millwork, and other built-ins. Though the relatively spacious kitchen looks a bit dated, have no fear: there is a newer and even larger secondary kitchen on the home’s loft-like second floor.

Accessed via an unusual staircase wrapped around a translucent, backlit column, the upper portion of the home is an open floor plan, post-modern hoot with its bright colors and timber beamwork. A rear balcony looks over a small but well-maintained yard with a deck, koi pond, and detached garage.

According to public records, the home last sold—pre-renovations—in 2007 for $346,000. This undoubtedly one-of-a-kind North Park pop-top bungalow rehab returned to the market earlier this week and can currently be had for $495,000.