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This Old Town condo is probably the slickest one-bedroom for sale in Chicago right now

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This thoroughly rehabbed one-bedroom unit on Wells Street can be had for $325,000


What does luxury even mean anymore? Is it about being ostentatious? Is it about spending the absolute top dollar on every finish and amenity imaginable just to say you did it? Does it have to be a sprawling penthouse overlooking the city’s skyline? What if it were possible to be luxurious without having to do or be any of the above? This one-bedroom unit at 1636 N. Wells Street proves that you can be really cool and still be really cool on a budget.

Sure, it’s not a huge apartment, but this one-bedroom rehab in a modernist high-rise impresses on many levels. And it’s not just about finishes (can we please hang up the granite countertops already?), this one is about having a cohesive look and feel that works really well for all of the spaces. Just to name a few specs here, we’ve got quartz counters, custom cabinets, dark-stained oak flooring, a boss bathroom, and a sprawling outdoor deck space designed for entertaining—and it all works together.

Considering the amount of look and functionality this one boasts, how much would you expect to pay for this unit? If you guessed $325,000, then you hit this one right on the money. Can you get a larger, more blinged-out pad? Of course you can, but you’d be paying a lot more than $325,000. The work here has been complete and it’s ready for a new owners.