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Colorful, nicely finished Wicker Park three-bedroom asks $895K

This highly personalized pad may likely find a buyer who chooses to keep its finishes

d'aprile properties

One of the main things buyers (and the appraisers and underwriters deciding whether or not the bank will issue a loan) weigh when looking to purchase a property is the level and quality of fit and finishes. Looking for something entirely neutral? Builder grade materials are generally inoffensive and won’t send potential buyers running off. Looking for a fixer upper? The finishes probably don’t matter then. But what about homes that have been highly personalized or designed? In some cases, undoing a previous owner’s personalization will take more time and be more costly than it’s worth, but in other cases, it’ll help attract a particular buyer.

A lot of work went into this duplex condo on North Wood Street in Wicker Park, but it definitely has character. It’s not a stoic kind of character either—the volume on this one has been dialed up quite a bit. The staging displays how the unit can feel very contemporary but not overdone. Described as “modern luxury” by the listing agent, the unit certainly has a luxury look to it, but it’s not the cheesed-out luxury that was so prevalent in the years leading up to the recession. This one is much more playful and deliberate than others in the same price range.

This spacious three-bedroom, three-bathroom listed just hours ago and is asking $895,000.