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Viñoly’s ‘One Grant Park’ skyscraper cleared to rise to full 76-story height

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The upcoming tower will deliver roughly 800 apartments to Chicago’s South Loop

Harry Carmichael
A rendering showing One Grant Park [center] and the outline of the developer’s taller, second phase tower [right].
Rafael Viñoly Architects

A skyline-changing South Loop skyscraper has scored a third and final building permit and is clear to rise to its height of 76 occupied stories. Known as One Grant Park, the under-construction tower is perched at the southern edge of its namesake park and is the first of two eye-catching buildings in development from Miami Beach-based Crescent Heights and New York’s Rafael Viñoly Architects. A taller, similarly designed sister tower is planned to the immediate west of the fast-climbing OGP.

While earlier permits for the project specified a unit count of 792, the most recent documentation puts the number squarely at 800. It’s unclear if the number of apartments has grown slightly or the permit writing was rounding things up for the sake of simplicity. Plans also call for 622 parking spaces and approximately 12,000 square feet of retail space. Topped by four unoccupied levels, the architectural pinnacle of the tower will rise well past the 800-foot mark.

Both Viñoly-designed South Loop structures feature a “bundled tube” structural layout similar to Chicago’s Willis (formerly Sears) Tower. When completed in 2019, One Grant Park will be the South Loop’s tallest building and is expected hold that title at least until Crescent Heights’s phase two tower tops-out in the not-too-distant future.

Harry Carmichael
Harry Carmichael
Harry Carmichael