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Updated design for Evanston apartment high-rise revealed in latest renderings

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The transit-oriented development expects to go before the Evanston City Council in the next two to three months

The mixed-use project will provide new retail space along Evanston’s 1400 block of Sherman Avenue.
Image courtesy of Albion Residential

After breaking cover earlier this spring, a mixed-use high-rise development for downtown Evanston is moving forward with a tweaked and more refined design. Slated for 1450 Sherman Avenue, the proposal would replace a handful of low-rise buildings—including Tommy Nevin’s pub—with a new 16-story building containing 10,000 square feet of ground floor retail, a 192-vehicle parking garage, and 292 for-rent apartment units.

While the latest plan from developer Albion Residential slightly reduces unit count from the previously proposed figure of 298, the basic architectural layout remains the same. Designed by Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture (HPA), the project still features a modern, undulating tower atop a more traditional low-rise masonry base. The project will overhang a new pocket park proposed for the south end of the site, but will now be supported by four columns instead of two.

An earlier rendering [left] versus the most recent design [right].
Albion Residential

According to Albion spokesperson James Prescott, the changes incorporate input gathered from city officials as well as members of the community. The next step for the development includes a trip before Evanston’s Design and Project Review (DAPR) Committee later this month. The project hopes to be approved by the Plan Commission in late July-early August followed by the Evanston City Council in August/September.

Ideal for downtown commuters, the transit-oriented development flanks the rail lines that connect Evanston to Chicago.
Image courtesy of Albion Residential

Meanwhile, Albion Residential is also moving forward with its plan for an 18-story rental tower at 1000 Lake Street in Oak Park, Illinois. “We anticipate Plan Commission meetings in July and action by the Village Board in August,” Mr. Prescott tells us. Also designed by HPA, Albion’s Oak Park high-rise is expected to contain 265 rental apartments, ground floor retail space, and parking for 243 motor vehicles and 265 bicycles.