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Southport Corridor three-flat mixed-user lists for $1.2M

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Here’s a rare opportunity along Lakeview’s most popular shopping corridor

If you’re a die-hard Lakeview lover and have a stash of cash squirreled away, here’s one that you might be interested in. Here’s an old three-flat in the heart of the popular Southport Corridor that features two retail spaces and a residential units. This is not your most typical real estate listing, but for the right buyer, this could be an excellent investment opportunity.

The building is currently home to Que Syrah Fine Wines on the first level and Stella Blue Design in the undergrade level. And on the third floor is a nicely finished three-bedroom apartment with a large outdoor deck. There’s a lot to like about this listing, and for those who have a passion for their neighborhood, it’s an opportunity to become more involved in the Southport Corridor as a retail landlord.

This lovely building, which is located almost directly across the street from Chicago’s beloved Music Box Theater, can be had for $1.2 million.